Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Single Man

Normally, i would not use my blog as a source to post my personal movie reviews, but A Single Man by Tom Ford ( yes, the designer), can not go unnoticed. The movie was amazing, in my opinion, and a mile stone in Tom Fords successful career. Based on the Christopher Isherwood novel, “A Single Man,” the story is about an English professor who is dealing with the death of his partner of sixteen years, Jim, on the anniversary of his passing. i can't say much more for fear of saying too much and ruining and incredible film you. i will however tell you that the entire movie is one of the most visually pleasing movies i have seen in a long time. the costumes, the cars, the interior design, and architecture, are all impeccable. i walked away from the theater with two thoughts in mine:
1. i want a Tom Ford suit.
2. this better be the first of many movies from Mr. Ford.

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